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Cape San Blas

The Beach Activities You Love, Without All The Crowds

Discover Cape San Blas

The area of Cape San Blas is known by most as a pet friendly vacation destination. This dog friendly beach offers many recreational activities in a pristine setting. Family activities including kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, boating, snorkeling for scallops, horseback riding, fishing, bird watching… are all at your back door. In 2002 St. Joseph State Park beach was the number 1 spot in America’s Top Beaches.

Cape San Blas provides vacationers the chance to take in all the activities that you love about the beach but without the crowds. If you want the feel of a secluded paradise location, the Cape is the place for you. While the secret is out about this unique peninsula around St. Joseph Bay, you can still have a relaxing and care free vacation on “The Cape”.